Everyday happenings

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everyday happenings~ The first post.

My name is not of importance, but in order not to confuse, I shall go by Ogi.
So today, nothing much happened, just the usual. Well except for a few things. My friends were trying to tan themselves at lunch. It didn't quite work. Me, you ask? I can't possibly tan. I just so happen to be so pale, that I'm blue. My skin tends to blind me if I have it out in the light. Other than that, nothing happened, just a wasp getting squished on the bus.
What do I mean "wasp getting squished on the bus"? Its exactingly as it says, and this isn't the first time either. It happened last week, and the week before, same seat too. Wasps really like my bus I guess.

Farewell for now~



  1. I guess that's a bad thing though...
    I've seen SOME people get so red in the sun... it looks painful just looking at them.
    If I get too tanned, people seem to mistake me for being Filipino :P

  2. owo
    odd, I can't tan at all
    I just burn