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Monday, May 11, 2009

Making clothes is hard.

I'm making a vest for school. The fabric I got was cool. The lining is red, and reaallly~ soft, I love it, But the other fabric. . . I don't like as much, not as soft.
So I started working on it, but I didn't get far... instructions confuse me.

I was also making a layered skirt, and that was pretty easy, but I didn't have a sewing machine. . . so I had to do it by hand, which wasn't hard. . . just long.

Lets just say... things are not going as planned.


  1. Sewing is an impressive skill to know though.
    At the dorms in Suzuka they actually provided us with bed and blankets... there was this one nice soft blanky white black, brown and white checkered pattern in it... well... I liked it so much I wanted to STEAL IT! I didn't... but I wanted too...

  2. Awww
    I'll be sure to make you a blanket and send it to you